Calcium is an essential mineral for the human body, having the role of building, strengthening and protecting your teeth and bones. However, calcium deficiency has become a frequently met problem, and this is why many supplements have been introduced on the market. Getting enough calcium during your lifetime is extremely important, helping you prevent osteoporosis and various other conditions. One calcium supplement that has become extremely popular worldwide due to its great benefits is AlgaeCal. If calcium deficiency has become a problem in your life, and you are contemplating on taking the supplements required, there are a few things you need to consider beforehand.

Discuss with your health care provider

Before deciding to take a calcium supplement, you should consult your health care provider or doctor. Perhaps your calcium deficiency is mild, and you can remediate the problem only by including certain products in your diet, and other supplements will not be necessary. Regardless of the level of your deficiency, either mild or chronic, it is always advised to discuss with a doctor before taking any kind of treatment or supplement.

How to take calcium supplements

When you first start to take calcium supplements, it is necessary to increase the dose slowly, by starting with only 500 mg a day, and adding more over time. The overall amount of calcium an adult needs (from food and other supplements) is 1,000 mg, and those over 60 1,200 per day, so make sure the dose you take is the one recommended. You should also ask your health care provider if taking a vitamin D supplement will also be necessary.

Side effects

Many people that are confronting themselves with calcium deficiency tend to reject the idea of taking a supplement, fearing possible side effects. Although, there have been situations where taking extra calcium has led to unpleasant health repercussion, this will not be a problem in your case, if you choose the right capsules, such as AlgaeCal, and follow the advice received from your health care provider. When sticking with the recommended daily dosage, you will not face any side effects whatsoever.


When taking calcium, you should learn more about the recommended period of administration, to avoid taking the supplement more than necessary. Taking capsules longer than advised can raise the risk of kidney stones, which is certainly something you want to avoid. Also, too much calcium can prevent your body from absorbing zinc, magnesium or iron, so try sticking to your recommended dose.

Taking a calcium supplement can be necessary in certain situations, allowing you to prevent the appearance of osteoporosis or other health problems. However, there are various calcium supplements found on today’s market and this is why you need to be careful when making a selection. AlgaeCal has proven its reliability and efficiency, and numerous studies have showed its amazing effects. When making a purchase, make sure to choose a supplier that you can trust, and do not forget to discuss with your doctor in advance.

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