The different methods that we use for cooking can strongly influence our health. If you enjoy making all sorts of delicious and healthy meals for your family, but you’re interested in learning more about which cooking methods are the most healthiest, make sure to read the following article. Today we will reveal which are the healthiest cooking methods!

“En papillote”

En papillote cooking is a technique that involves wrapping in baking paper the food, which you can then boil or you can cook easily in the microwave or grill. The food can be wrapped in aluminum foil or banana leaves, which is a popular cooking technique in Asia. It is a good method for cooking fish or thin slices of meat that would otherwise dry out in the oven or would burn if they were cooked on the grill. When ready, cooked food can be served in the baking paer, so it keeps the juice obtained in the process of preparation.


This technique involves the preparation of steamed foods by placing them in boiling water. The food cooked in this manner retains its color, taste and texture and maintains their original amounts of vitamins and minerals.There are several methods of cooking with steam the most popular being the method of using a device specially designed for this purpose. It is an excellent method of cooking dishes such as fish, chicken and vegetables, and to give a more special flavor you can add in the water onion slices, lemon, chopped celery and spices. So as you cook all these flavors will penetrate the flavor of food cooked and will give them a delicious taste.
Before putting them on fire, you can savor dishes, but do not sprinkle salt on her again vegetables because you will not only make them shrivel and lose their nutrients.

Tempering techniques

Tempering is known as “stir frying” and refers to a cooking method originated in China, which involves preparing food at high temperatures in a pan called wok. This technique is appreciated because of the rapidity with which cook food, keeping their original color and nutrients and using a small amount of fat. Chicken, fish, vegetables, rice and noodles can be fried by using this method. You can add oil, so it gives food more flavor, but be careful to use an oil that will withstand the high temperatures such as peanut or sunflower oil. You should not use olive oil for frying because it burns quickly.


It’s a quick way to cook tender and lean meat, fish and seafood preparations and giving them a good taste. It’s advisable to use a high quality grill, such as a gas grill that gives food that smokey delicious flavor. Besides, the gas grill is very easy to use and it can reach high temperatures in a short period of time. If you don’t have a gas grill, go to if you want to compare different grills and see which one would be best suited for your cooking needs and your budget.

Depending on the preparations, on the gas grill you can choose to use or not use oil. For example, bacon or sausages contain enough fat so that it doesn’t dry out, but in the case of lean meat cuts such as chicken, meat must be drizzled with oil before. On the gas grill you can also cook vegetables, such as tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers.

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