Family men or not, drivers will always share a common love for Honda Accord, regardless of the model. And if there is a hybrid model, drivers will love it even more. And specialists consider that these vehicles have a great potential as a family vehicle. And while many are reluctant when it comes to buying a used car, the same specialists claim that if well-maintained, it will offer the same amazing experience as a new one. If interested, some platforms offer incredible information in terms of prices Honda Accord Hybrid models have. However, below we have some generalities about these vehicles, mainly pros and cons to buying it.


  • It goes easy on gas – and this can be only great news, with the continuously growing gas prices. Each Honda Accord buyer will receive 30 miles per gas gallon. The CVT, four-cylinder version will also deliver a solid 36 mpg on the highway, while in the city, a generous 26 mpg. This is good news for all families trying to find a reliable, handsome and fuel-efficient vehicle at once.
  • It is indeed a reliable car – the 2017 Honda Accord is claimed to be able to be passed down in the family. And users simply rave about this vehicle’s reliability. With low maintenance prices, and regular servicing the vehicle is unlikely to encounter costly issues. So if you consider to invest in a piece like this, take it regularly to your trust car repair shop and replace that oil!
  • It’s a roomy vehicle – large families will certainly appreciate the roomy design the 2017 Honda Accord has for them. It has plenty of room leg in the back seats, the driver and front passenger will also be easily and comfortably accommodated, while the cargo space available in the trunk is also quite generous (15.8 cubic feet). So, if you plan on a family road trip, this is the car for you.
  • It comes at an affordable price – the incredible standard features make this vehicle perfect for families who don’t want to overspend for a vehicle. The standard model comes at a price of $ 22,300.


  • Not-that-easy-to-use touch screen display – although the model comes with a touch screen display incorporated, it is not that easy to use.

All in all, the vehicle is definitely a worthy buy. Make sure to check a used version before jumping to buy a new one.

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